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Our History

The Davidson Alumni Association was formed out of a Davidson School Reunion celebration held in 1979. The Alumni Association, under the leadership of Karl Lee Jenkins, was formed to preserve the heritage and school spirit of all Davidson meant to its former graduates and community. The Alumni Association had a desire to see the Davidson School Building, which was built in the early 1950’s and designated a historical landmark by the state of North Carolina on May 18, 2016, and has a rich history of educating students, once again find its place in serving the community. The Alumni Association established the Davidson Alumni Resource Center Incorporated as a non-profit organization and was registered with the state of North Carolina on April 5, 2011. The Davidson School Building was purchased by the Davidson Alumni Association from private donations in July, 2019. The non-profit was created to develop Davidson School as a “One Stop Shop” Resource Center to Empower, Engage, and Impact families, individuals, the community and surrounding areas. As the Alumni Association grew, the Vision began to expand to include quality of life issues for individuals and families. In 2020, Davidson Alumni Association became The Davidson Association. The name change, having dropped “Alumni”, allows us to become a more diverse and inclusive group working toward the original Vision.

Masters of Distinction


In keeping with the original intent of the school, our vision is to have the school facility become a center of Hope and Empowerment through Education and Training, as a model of self-determination. We will preserve the heritage of Davidson Elementary School and implement sustainable programs for the community and surrounding counties.


The Davidson Association will Preserve, as well as Enhance the Historic Davidson Elementary School Building for the benefit of all.

Short-Term Goals

To raise funds to renovate and update the physical building in accordance with our 501(C)3 board.

To increase membership in the Davidson Association. 

Long-Term Goals

Encourage physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Promote healthy choices and good nutrition. Promote employment support and job placement. Promote self-sufficiency and improved quality of life. Provide an abundance of helpful resources to assist with needs.

Our Historic Timeline


Davidson Alumni Association was formed

April 5, 2011

Davidson School was designated as a historical landmark

July 2019

Alumni Association Purchased the School Building from Cleveland County Schools


Davidson Alumni Assoc. was changed to The Davidson Association


It is our objective to establish a collaboration network of agencies, schools, and organizations that will make a formal, sustained commitment to work together bringing available resources and services to the community.

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Major Programs/Primary Activities

The major programs and activities we seek to promote are; Job Center/ Job Education, training and employment services. Small business development Youth activities (The Arts) After school programs GED classes Computer Labs Mentoring programs Adult Empowerment Programs Recreation Activities Promote community based programs that are family centered.

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In order for our organization to carry out its mission, the school building our organization purchased is in dire need of major improvements. The building needs the entire electrical system replaced and brought up to code. The entire heating and cooling system need to be purchased and installed. The roof needs to be upgraded and gutters replaced. The plumbing, and flooring, need to be upgraded. The building has a solid structure of cinder block walls and cement floors. Windows have been broken and need to be replaced with the same type due to the building's historic destination. The Davidson School according to the architects drawing is facing close to one million dollars in needed repairs. (Neighboring Concepts, Charlotte) 10 years ago, the state of North Carolina closed the employment office in the city of Kings Mountain leaving residents to have to travel to another city for assistance in their job search and employment assistance. Kings Mountain youth have to travel to other cities for mentoring programs, which our community and city lack. There are many adults and seniors who do not have access to computers or who are lacking in the use of a cell phone or smartphone in the community. So much of what our society requires us to have access to. With the county's health department located in another city, it would be healthy for our community and city to have access to healthy living information and programs through our organization. With the rising cost of living due to inflation, food shortages, and their high cost, we look forward to continuing to give away boxes of food and other essential items for those in need in the community. The City of Kings Mountain is a diverse city of just over 11,400 residents. There are many seniors, families, and single-parent households in the city. Its population makeup is 73% white, 22% black, 1% Asian, and 1% other. The unemployment rate is 5.1%. The Davidson School sits in the heart of this diverse city.

Masters of Distinction Beautillion

May 21, 2023

Community Health Fair Gallery



North side of building

East corner of building

South side of building with windows

South side of building presently

Hallway doors tp outside




Telephone matrix


Close up of south side



Inside wall

Facility when it was open

Historical Photographs

Delivery of basket to school teacher

Alumni group at original school marker

Newspaper article

Alumni group at original school marker

Davidson alumni officers

Principal J. A. Gibson

Principal Davidson

Class Photo

Newspaper Article

Event Program

Historical Marker


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Healthy (well-being)
Wealthy (financial)
Wise (education)

Health Committee

The Davidson Association Health Committee has partnered with Cleveland County Health Department and Kintegra Health to provide our community with pertinent information on healthy eating and living a better quality of life. We are bringing awareness to mental health and chronic diseases that continues to hinder our every day lives. We are committed to serving our community by addressing issues of health inequality.